Brandon Tiehen

"It's Always Worth a Shot"



  • Curtain Call — Director / Writer / Editor / Producer
  • The "Untitled" Series — Actor / Editor / Co-Writer
  • Homecoming Skit 2016 — "Wuncler" / Editor
  • Enlisted — "German Man" / Asst. Editor
  • Youth Bumper (Grove Church) — Cameraman
  • Olympic Judo Music Video — Co-Creator / Music Artist


  • The Dining Room — "Psychiatrist" / "Gordon"
  • Museum — "Second Man Passing"
  • You Can't Take it With You — "Ed Carmichael"
  • The Crucible — "Thomas Putnam" / "Reverend Parris"
  • The Man Who Came to Dinner — "Banjo"
  • In The Gutter — Author / Director / "Trent"
  • The Mouse That Roared — "Will Tatum"
  • Street Scene — "Vincent Jones" / "George Jones"


  • eLearning Graduation — "Take It Easy", Guitar/Vocals
  • EWHS Talent Show — "Hotel California", Lead Guitar
  • Big Blue Ball Marimba Band — 2009 ‐ 2012

Special Skills

  • Accents — Russian, Indian, English/Cockney, NY/NJ, Southern, Australian, New Zealand
  • Voices — Character, Impressions (Kermit the Frog, B. Clinton, Crocodile Hunter)
  • Musician — Guitar, Piano, Percussion, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo
  • Set Design — Graphing/designing, construction, tear‐down
  • Filmmaking — Video production, post‐production, & writing/planning
  • Theater Tech — Lights, Sound, Fly System, Lamp/Instrument Maintainence
  • Languages — Beginning German & Beginning Mandarin
  • Dancing — Basic Tap


Play Production
Edmonds‐Woodway HS
Instructor: Bruce Mindt

Drama I & II
Edmonds‐Woodway HS
Instructor: Bruce Mindt

Tap Dancing
Barclay Shelton Dance Centre
Instructors: Pam Gaines, Nicole Cox


Young Life

As a child, Brandon Tiehen always loved to watch movies, and listen to music. He would watch a movie, and then go "play it". One of his favorites was The Iron Giant. After watching that movie, Brandon would put on his little toy helmet, grab his hockey stick, which his mother had taped a flashlight to the end of, and put on a coat. The goal behind that was to become Hogarth Hughes, the main character in the movie. This was something Brandon did with various other films such as Brother Bear, Spiderman (starring Tobey Maguire), and more.

At the age of four, Brandon began dancing. As he got older, his main class was tap. Since that age, he has been performing on stage. When he was in the fourth grade, he auditioned into a marimba ensemble at his elementary school and continued in it through the sixth grade. That was really where he began learning to play percussion and piano.

Early Influences

Brandon has always loved watching "older" movies and shows, ranging as far back as Street Scene (movie, 1931) and I Love Lucy, and as classic as Married With Children, Knightrider, The Breakfast Club, A Few Good Men, and more including Ferris Bueller's Day Off. John Hughes movies were really the biggest film/video influence on Brandon. He would watch the angles, movements, and transitions carefully to learn about rules such as the 180° rule, and more. He also would watch a channel on YouTube widely known as Indy Mogul, a DIY low‐budget filmmaking channel.

In theatre an stage performances, Brandon's ealiest influences were musicals such as The Phantom of the Opera, which his mother had introduced to him at a very young age. For music, Brandon always loved listening to music artists such as The Eagles, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, and a plethora of other artists ranging from the 1920's up through the late 80's.

Play Production

Play Production has been one of—if not the—most impactful parts of Brandon's life, to this day. There is where he met some of his best friends, grew closer with his two closest friends, who are like brothers to him, and even met his director and mentor. "This class is more than just a's a family." is how Brandon describes the group. "When I'm having a bad day, I can always go to the theatre, or to Play Pro and know that I'm home and free."

Getting Started

In the sixth grade, at the age of twelve, Brandon met his long‐time best friend (Neo), who also had interest in acting and filmmaking. Together they became the inseperable duo they are today. In 8th grade, they met Muhamad. Brandon continuedwith them into Drama I and II in his freshman year of high school, where he met his director, and soon‐to‐be mentor, Bruce Mindt. Towards the end of the year, Mindt asked Brandon, Neo, and Muhamad if they were auditioning for Play Production. That was the deciding moment in Brandon's head. The deciding moment that he will audition.

In April, he auditioned and made it to the callbacks using a monologue from a one&act called Thirst by Eugene O'Neill. He then found out, the next day, that he had made it into Play Production. That was super exciting to Brandon. He then did many shows with that group including Street Scene, The Crucible, The Man Who Came To Dinner, You Can't Take It With You, and even wrote, directed, and acted in his own original one‐act, In The Gutter. That was an amaing experience. In fact, Muhamad was cast as the lead, and his friend, Alison Mains, saved the show, memorizing an entire part the same week of the show during dress rehearsals. He now continues to write plays and short films.

The Impact

"I really owe it to Mindt for teaching me everything I know about theater and acting." In Play Production, so many lives have been changed by the sense of community and family. It has helped some people pull out of some really rough situations. Even though Brandon has not had to go through some of the stuff others have, he really appreciates all that the group and Mindt have done for him. He has had some very serious family issues happen, and during those times, that group and being able to be on stage and let out those emotions through a character has helped him tremendously in being happy.

"...Yes, we have a director, and that's helpful for notes, but in the end, it's between me and the stage, nobody to tell me what I can or can't do, who or what I can or can't be...and that's where the sense of freedom comes from, where as I don't really have that anywhere else..."